• Searching with TIDEBrowse for selected text pops up an "Empy File Set" error dialog.

    Solution: you probably have your project viewer plugin configured to include extensions like "c++" (containing special characters like "+"). Since TIDEBrowse uses these extensions for its search, those special chars screw up JEdit's regular expression search. Please remove all extensions containing special characters.
    NOTE: This seems to be fixed in JEdit 4.3.!

  • Trying to compile the plugins with ANTFarm gives me an "java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: String index out of range: 0" error message.

    Solution: go into the ANT properties and select "Run Ant targets in the same JVM".

  • The debugger doesn't do anything, although I have created a new TIDE project and my username and password are correct!

    Solution: Check your patched "main.cs" file in your game's root dir - there should be a line:
    %cmd = "dbgSetParameters(" @ $GameDebugPort @ "," @ $GameDebugPassword @ ");";
    If you are using TGE >= 1.4, that syntax has changed and the function needs a third parameter now:
    %cmd = "dbgSetParameters(" @ $GameDebugPort @ "," @ $GameDebugPassword @ ", false);";

  • The autocompletion doesn't work!

    Solution: First of all, make sure that "Autocomplete" is selected in the TIDEBrowse options!

    Then also check the "Sidekick" plugin options, if the "cs"-Parser is selected for the "CS" mode (which is your Torque script mode).

    And last but not least check if you've made the required changes to "modes/catalog" and copied the "cs.xml" file to the "modes" directory as explained here. Then check in the JEdit status bar if your .cs files are really opened in "cs" mode (and not C# mode) - sometimes commenting out the C# entry in "modes/catalog" (or making any change to "catalog" and saving it) helps if JEdit still opens your .cs files in C# mode (which happened to me in JEdit 4.3.x).

  • Search, Debugging / Project autocompletion file generation don't work!

    Solution: You have to select / activate a project in the ProjectManager, otherwise TIDE can't determine the file paths and file extensions to search for.

  • jedit4.3XXinstall.dmg won't run on Mac OS X

    Solution: Try replacing the softlink as explained here.

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